SnowGoose AirJet® Developers' Kit

AirJet® is a revolutionary technology that makes electronic devices faster, quieter, thinner, lighter and dustproof.  Manufacturers wanting to differentiate their products and deliver higher performance to their customers, often want to experience the AirJet difference for themselves. As with any transformational technology, engineers want to get hands on experience understand the value it delivers and consider how it could be used to make their products do more.

To enables this, Frore Systems has released the SnowGoose AirJet® Developers’ Kit.  The Developers’ Kit is for manufacturers who intend to integrate AirJet into a device for future commercial sale.

The SnowGoose Developers Kit contains all the components a developer needs to both familiarize themselves with the new Airjet technology, and to explore the integration of AirJet into their own prototype designs.

There will be SnowGoose Upgrade Packs available as new AirJet Products are announced to enable you to continue to use the SnowGoose AirJet Developers’ Kit with future products.

What’s in the AirJet Mini® Developers’ kit:
20x AirJet Mini Chips

20 AirJet Mini chips enable thermal engineers to experience hands-on operation to AirJet and to test the integration of AirJet into a variety of prototype product designs for validation and planning purposes.

1x flex connector:

The flex connector links the AirJet chips to the AirJet Driver Board so the chips can perform as designed.

1x AirJet Drive Kit with flex connected

The Driver board contains the brains of the AirJet Mini. The Driver board is included to enable engineers to operate the AirJet Mini at 50%, 75% and 100% operating levels

2x universal adaptors:

Required to power the AirJet Drive Board and the AirJet Thermal Test Bed.

1x AirJet Thermal Testbed:

The AirJet Thermal Testbed is a customized product that is designed to house the AirJet to enable the testing and validation of the chip,s performance in three critical areas.

  • Thermal performance.
  • Backpressure generated.
  • Acoustic performance.
1x Instruction manual:

The kit comes with a comprehensive operational guide to enable thermal engineers to independently test and explore AirJet Performance.

5 hours of support:

There is always a learning curve with new technology. To support this, the SnowGoose AirJet Developers' Kit includes set up documentation to get you up and running, and then 5 hours of phone support with engineers related to integration of AirJet into your specific product design.

Additional support for commercial product integration can be negotiated as needed.

Airjet Pro Data Sheet

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1.5x Improvement in Ultra Thin 15” Notebook

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