AirJet® PAK

Designed to unleash performance for Edge AI

Fully self contained, plug and play thermal solution with
multiple AirJet chips and drive circuitry
Mounts directly on NVIDIA’s Jetson Orin Nano/NX system-on-modules
Autonomous operation - Silent, vibration free and dustproof
Supports up to 100 TOPS - Dissipates up to 25W of Heat  

The AirJet PAK integrates multiple AirJet, the world’s first solid-state active cooling chip, to remove the increasing heat generated by intense AI workloads.  Removing this heat unleashes the AI performance needed for Edge AI in key markets including autonomous vehicles, robotics, industrial automation, smart cities, healthcare, and retail analytics.

AirJetPAKs are a fully integrated, self-contained, plug and play active cooling solution that are a mere 6mm thick and can be easily added to a host device to enable the performance needed to perform AI workloads at the Edge in smaller, silent, lighter, vibration free, and dust free, compact devices. 

The need for improved cooling to enable AI is increasing rapidly, and with a forecast of demand for Edge AI Computing estimated to increase by over 300% by 2030, it will not slow down anytime soon. 

Heat, which limits performance, is now the single biggest problem facing the computing industry. AirJet’s ability to dissipate heat, unleashing performance, is essential for AI applications.

AirJet PAKs, available in a range of sizes, are designed for easy integration into enclosures and applications using NVIDIA’s Jetson Orin system-on-modules.

The AirJet PAK generates 1750 Pascals of back pressure, ensuring effective air flow into and out of the cartridge, even when the air vents are covered with IP54 dust proof filters.  

This, together with the AirJet PAKs intelligent self cleaning capabilities, maximizes reliability and ensures the sustained thermal performance of the AirJet PAK and, as a result, the sustainedhigh performance of the dust free host device.

Driven autonomously, the AirJet PAK can independently sense the surrounding temperature using Thermoception, an innovation that allows the AirJet PAK to optimize its performance, maximizing heat removal without relying on temperature sensors in the host device. All the AirJet PAK needs to enable exceptional processor performance is a nominal power source from the host device.

In today’s devices, what often determines performance is the capability of the thermal solution, not just the sophistication of the processor.

Thanks to AirJet PAK, compact EdgeAI electronic devices can now deliver on the promise of cutting-edge AI technology. Do more.  

The AirJetPAK 5C-25, designed to support up to 100 TOPS and remove up to 25 watts of heat.
The AirJetPAK 3C-15, designed to support up to 70 TOPS and remove up to 15 watts of heat.

Airjet Mini Data Sheet

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2x Improvement in Super Slim 13” Notebook 

2x Improvement in Super Slim 13” Notebook

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2x Performance Improvement in
6mm Pro Tablet

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