AirJet® Mini Slim

AirJet® Mini Slim chip is built on the same revolutionary active cooling design as the AirJet® Mini - the world’s first solid-state active cooling chip.

AirJet® Mini Slim removes 5.25 Watts of heat at a silent 21 dBA noise level, while only consuming a maximum of 1 Watt of power. It generates 1750 Pascals of back pressure, 10x higher than a fan, enabling sleek, dustproof devices.

AirJet® Mini Slim, is the thinnest and most advanced solid-state active cooling chip available, including three new features, while remaining silent, lightweight and delivering superior performance over traditional fans.

What’s new….

Thinner Design:

At an incredibly thin 2.5mm, AirJet Mini Slim trims an additional 0.3mm from the height of the original AirJet Mini, while maintaining its exceptional heat removal capabilities. This ultra-thin profile opens up new possibilities for manufacturers catering to consumer demand for higher performance in more compact devices. AirJet Mini Slim is an ideal solution for ultra-thin products like fanless laptops, professional tablets, handheld gaming devices, and gaming smartphones.

Intelligent Self-Cleaning:

Addressing an industry-wide challenge, AirJet Mini Slim introduces an intelligent self-cleaning feature to conquer dust-related issues. Dust is a major problem for all electronic devices, decreasing performance and the life of the device. So much so that some critical use cases have traditionally relied on passive cooling due to the operational risks and decreased performance arising from dust related damage to cooling fans.

AirJet Mini Slim blasts that concern into the history books.

AirJet’s 1750 pascals of backpressure enables air to be pulled into the host device where it circulates and picks up heat, before being pulled into  AirJet Mini Slim chip. Dustproof filters on AirJet Mini Slim ensure any dust that enters the system is stopped in its tracks. The chip’s innovative self-cleaning feature enables automatic reversal of the massive air flow, clearing any dust away from AirJet Mini Slim filters. This ensures the sustained thermal performance of AirJet and, as a result the high performance of the host device.

AirJet Mini Slim’s intellegent self-cleaning capabilities are also backwards compatible with the original 2.8mm AirJet Mini.


AirJet Mini Slim introduces Thermoception, a capability that enables the chip to independently sense its surrounding temperature. This innovation allows AirJet Mini Slim chip to optimize its performance autonomously, maximizing heat removal without relying on temperature sensors in the host device. This opens new possibilities for micro devices that may lack integrated CPUs or other temperature sensing components.

Airjet Mini Data Sheet

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2x Improvement in Super Slim 13” Notebook 

2x Improvement in Super Slim 13” Notebook

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2x Performance Improvement in
6mm Pro Tablet

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