AirJet® Mini Sport

Supporting IP68 Devices

Unleashing Performance on Land and in Water Ready for Anything - Do More.

The AirJet Mini Sport is an ideal solution for compact products like smartphones and action cameras - products where consumers expect high performance everywhere - on land or in water.

The latest innovation in thermal management technology, the waterproof AirJet®Mini Sport builds on the pioneering AirJet Mini, the World’s first solid-state active cooling chip, by enhancing AirJet capabilities to support devices with industry’s highest IP68 waterproof rating.  In addition to its waterproof capabilities, AirJet Mini Sport retains all the intelligent features of the AirJet Mini Slim including dust resilience with self-cleaning, and thermoception. The AirJet Mini Sport weighs only 7 grams, is just 2.5mm thick with a tiny 27.5mm x 41.5mm footprint, and silently removes 5.25 W of heat per chip.

The demand for increased device performance has surged, driven by advancements in Edge AI and On-Device AI applications.  While the latest processors can deliver mind blowing performance, within seconds they are forced to throttle, or slow down, to prevent overheating which can severely damage device electronics. Traditional active cooling using fans - which are bulky, noisy and pull dust into devices - fall short.  Fan based cooling is not waterproof or dustproof and is unable to remove heat adequately to meet the growing demand for increased performance.

With the new waterproof AirJet Mini Sport, IP68 devices like smartphones and action cameras can achieve a performance boost of up to 80% while remaining waterproof and dustproof, and without having to compromise on the small form factor users love. The AirJet Mini Sport meets the rigorous IP68 standard, demonstrating full performance recovery after submersion in over 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. The AirJet Mini Sport makes increasing device performance a breeze, enhancing AI processing capabilities in faster, silent, thinner, lighter, vibration free, dustproof and waterproof devices that can be used in any environment.

AirJet Mini Sport generates 1750 Pascals of back pressure, ensuring air flow into and out from compact product enclosures. When integrated into a host device with processor die temperature of 85C, AirJet Mini Sport silently removes 5.25 W of heat, while consuming 1 W of power. The AirJet Mini Sport is integrated into the host device inside an isolating capsule enabling the efficient transfer of heat while completely protecting the host device from water.

AirJet Mini Sport is water resilient.

AirJet Mini Slim supports IP68 devices. When the host device is immersed in over 1.5m of water for 30 mins, the AirJet is flooded, but is capable of full performance recovery once dry, similar to IP68 compliant speakers and USB-C connectors

AirJet Mini Sport is dust resilient.

The inlet air vents of the AirJet Mini Sport are protected with dust filters and the self-cleaning feature enables automatic reversal of the air flow, clearing any dust away from AirJet Mini Sport filters. This ensures the sustained thermal performance of AirJet and, as a result, the sustained high performance of the host device throughout the product lifetime.

The AirJet Mini Sport is just 2.5mm thick and 7g. This ultra-thin profile opens up new possibilities for manufacturers catering to consumer demand for higher performance in more compact IP68 devices like smartphones and action cameras - products where consumers expect high performance everywhere - on land or in water.

For example, 8mm thick smartphones, with a 3.5mm camera bump, have a thermal limit of only 3 to 5 Watts sustained processor power. Integrating one AirJet Mini Sport adds 2.5 Watts, increasing the sustained processor power to 5.5 or 7.5 Watts, at a silent 21 dBA noise level while remaining IP68. The smartphone thickness is unchanged, but its processor performance increases by up to 83%, enabling the latest On-Device AI capabilities.

AirJet Mini Sport also features Thermoception, a capability that enables the chip to independently sense its surrounding temperature. This allows the AirJet Mini Sport to optimize its performance autonomously, maximizing heat removal without relying on temperature sensors in the host device.

Thanks to AirJet Mini Sport, compact IP68 devices can now deliver on the promise of cutting-edge performance and On-Device AI capabilities everywhere - on land and in water.

Airjet Mini Data Sheet

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2x Improvement in Super Slim 13” Notebook 

2x Improvement in Super Slim 13” Notebook

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2x Performance Improvement in
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