The World’s first Mini PC to feature AirJet® launched at COMPUTEX 2023

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Zotac Mini

The ZOTAC ZBOX PI430AJ with AirJet® is the world’s first Mini PC to double its performance using AirJet®, the revolutionary solid state cooling chip by Frore Systems.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – May 23, 2023 – Today, ZOTAC Technology launched the ZOTAC ZBOX PI430AJ with AirJet®, the first Mini-PC to feature AirJet® the world’s first solid-state active cooling chip. The ZBOX PI430AJ with AirJet®, at a mere 115mm x 76mm x 22 mm, now boasts twice the performance thanks to AirJet, making it the most powerful device in its class. AirJet cools devices with breakthrough technology that meets the ever-increasing demands of today’s consumers. AirJet’s compact size and unique capabilities enable faster, thinner, lighter, silent, and dustproof devices.

Heat is the single biggest problem facing the electronics industry, and until now, manufacturers have used antiquated thermal solutions like mechanical fans or bulky ineffective heat sinks to remove heat. These inadequate thermal solutions cause devices to rapidly overheat, forcing manufacturers to reduce device performance after only a few seconds of operation. This means consumers never really get the full processor performance they pay for.

ZOTAC is addressing the heat problem head on by including 2 AirJet Minis in the ZOTAC ZBOX PI430AJ with AirJet® doubling the sustained processor power. ZOTAC customers will now experience vastly higher processor speeds and greater performance.

“At ZOTAC, we strongly believe that innovation is not only about improving, but rather doing something in completely new ways, which is exactly what the AirJet® offers us.” said Tony Wong, Chief Executive Officer at ZOTAC Technology. “The new AirJet® powered ZBOX PI430AJ delivers superior performance in a silent, miniaturized form, and we’re proud that this solid-state actively cooled mini-PC will be a trailblazer in the industry with its breakthrough cooling solution.”

Heat is limiting performance across numerous devices from Notebooks, Mini-PCs, smartphones, SSDs, to the approaching tsunami of IOT devices like doorbell cameras, WiFi access points and LED lighting, as well as automotive and datacenters.” said Patrick Moorhead, Industry expert and CEO and Chief Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “A solution like AirJet is well overdue. I believe Frore Systems’ thin silent active cooling chip, has completely reinvented thermal technology.

Frore Systems launched AirJet in December 2023 and has seen unprecedented demand for the small, highly effective AirJet active cooling chip. The AirJet Mini is 2.8mm thick, 27.5mm x 41.5mm in size, and weighs just 11 grams. AirJet is scalable, meaning that multiple chips can be easily integrated into devices resulting in major performance gains.

“The ZOTAC ZBOX PI430AJ with AirJet® is revolutionizing the Mini PC industry,” said Dr. Seshu Madhavapeddy, founder and CEO of Frore Systems. “Until AirJet, thermal was the only aspect of modern-day technology that hadn’t changed in decades. ZOTAC’s launch of this fanless Mini-PC with 2X the sustained processor performance is a massive step forward, and consumers will finally get the high Mini-PC performance they want in an incredibly small fanless device.”


Frore Systems is the developer of breakthrough thermal technology for electronic and consumer devices. The company’s active cooling chips, AirJet® Mini and AirJet® Pro, are integrated into devices to remove heat silently, resulting in major performance gains. Frore Systems is headquartered in San Jose, CA with an office and manufacturing facility in Taiwan. For more information, visit:


ZOTAC, established in 2006, is a global pioneer in the field of computer hardware and electronics, with a focus on crafting cutting-edge products that emphasizes on quality, performance, and reliability. Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, and with offices around the world, ZOTAC’s versatile portfolio spans across graphics cards, mini PCs, and computer accessories, with many earning recognition and accolades throughout the industry.

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